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Past Events

Positively Me! Concerts

In the world of mental health, professionals tell you to say positive affirmations about whatever you are trying to accomplish. Although it works really great saying those things, I found that I was embarrassed to stand in front of a mirror talking to myself. I found that by singing positive affirmations, I got the same result. Years later, for a Prosumer meeting, I put together a CD of songs containing positive "I" statements. Since I didn't have the permission of the songwriters or singers, I made all the copies free of charge for the Prosumers. WOW!! What a response! Prosumers reported back after singing with the CD, they were able to stay in the room with their brother without yelling, riding the bus without anxiety, making it through the night without thinking of suicide. I know that when my symptoms start up, I am singing to that CD right away. We have had many requests for this tool from all over the world. Finally, with this concert, we will be able to share this tool with everyone. By singing with the CD, you will find yourself empowered to face the world again. Your self-esteem will rise and you will notice that you feel happier.
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