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About Us

Who Are Prosumers?

A Prosumer is a person who is proactive in their recovery and gives back to the community. We meet together to figure out how to live life in spite of any challenges we may face. We hold monthly empowerment meetings to gain skills to live a full life. People can find recovery on accident. We believe people need to find recovery on purpose. Click below to find out more about the Prosumer Model.
Janet Paleo
Anna Gray

How we started

Janet Paleo had a suicide plan before the age of 5. By the age of 31, she was put in a hospital where she stayed for two years. She was told she was too severe to ever live outside the hospital. Lying to get out of the hospital, she spent the next ten years hiding from the world. She still wanted to die, so she had over 50 hospitalizations over the next ten years. Through a series of events, she found recovery on the day her grandson was born. She dedicated her life for others to find recovery, now not later. She is the one who declared that Recovery is Possible and recovery was available to all. People find recovery all the time on accident. It is time to find recovery on purpose. 

When Janet met Anna Gray, she was not yet in recovery. Anna was a mentor for Janet and encouraged her in her recovery. After the birth of her grandson, Janet and Anna joined together to have all people to find recovery. Starting Prosumers in March of 2003, Anna used her skills as a manager and trainer, to motivate this new group. Together they led the Prosumer group into a State wide Consumer group with the focus being on how to live life in spite of any challenges life has given you. While many groups teach you how to live with symptoms and such, we work on how to live life. 

Prosumers in Publications

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