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By Janet Paleo 26 Dec, 2017
I have been asked from time to time to create a blog for Prosumers. Here it is!! As Prosumers continue to grow and create new opportunities for people with lived experience to live full lives, we will post those events here.  All Prosumer staff will have the ability to post on the blog about what is going on, how you can participate and also to share the insights they may have. 

So while I am sharing, I hope you are enjoying our new website!. We are looking to do some new things in the future. We will be able to share these things in the future right here! Through the generosity of Elsa Roman from our Rio Grande Valley location, our main newsletter is now available in Spanish.  You can find it in the Newsletter section and in the archives. 

2018 is going to be a great year for Prosumers and we are glad to have you be a part of all we do. If you want to be involved, please contact us and let us know.  Volunteering with Prosumers has lots of perks, while helping you develop a job history. Not to mention how wonderful you feel while giving back. 

So thank you for checking us out and keeping up to date with all the things we have going on. Have a wonderful day!

Welcome to our Website

Who is a Prosumer?
A Prosumer is someone who gives back to the community and 
is proactive in their recovery! 
Our Mission
To empower all people to transcend adverse life experiences and to inspire resiliency 
for all people to thrive while fulfilling their dreams.

Our Vision
All people living their life fully, with all the respect due to every human and 
all the passion to live the life they choose.

Many people will find recovery accidentally.
We believe that recovery should be on purpose.
Empowering people with lived experience 
of mental health services to achieve recovery!

Learn About Prosumers!

Prosumer Meetings

Prosumers hold monthly meetings based on topics of how to live life in spite of challenges we have been living with. While support happens at the meetings, we are not a traditional support meeting. We hold empowerment meetings to give people the tools on how to live life!! RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!

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Prosumer Radio

Our radio station, Prosumer emPowerment Radio, the PPR is an online empowerment station available 24/7 with songs which have been chosen because they have positive "I" statement songs within the song. When listening or singing the songs, you are training your brain to look for what is possible. Also on the station are empowerment quotes, gratitude lists and stories of courage.
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Prosumer Newsletters

The Prosumer News the publication designed to keep you in touch with articles to empower you and inspire you to live a full life. Additionally, you will find upcoming events, news information which may be helpful.     We also accept articles from Prosumers who share their inspiring views. We do reserve the right to edit as needed. Click below to read our current issue of the Prosumer News.
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For Prosumers with Criminal Justice Involvement, we have complied a list of employers who hire people with this background. Click here. While this list was created for the Houston area, many are national employers who may also follow the same guidelines. 
Thanks Heather!
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